Pier 66 Cruise Terminal

Seattle, WA
In collaboration with Bermello Ajamil & Partners

URBANADD and B&A collaborated on this $30 million-dollar renovation and expansion of a unique cruise and conference facility at Pier 66 in Seattle. Through a public-private partnership between the Port of Seattle and Norwegian Cruise Lines, the project set out to increase the building’s square footage by over 30%, modernize systems, and improve efficiencies to accommodate larger cruise ships, all within the same building envelope. The building also houses the Bell Harbor International Conference Center who will take advantage of the increased area for events when not in use for cruise operations.

The project had an extremely aggressive construction schedule of just 7 months and no cruise or conference operations could be affected during that time. The team employed phased expedited permitting, design construction overlap, an on-site design team, and a hyper-collaborative process to meet the aggressive schedule with no cost overruns.

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