Project Description

Karakoram Headquarters

We are mountain people. We are innovators. We are the builders of our products. We love the mountains. We love creating. We love building our products in North Bend, Washington, USA.” These words from our clients Bryce and Tyler Kloster, founding brothers of Karakoram, reflect their proactive, “do it yourself” attitude. This home-grown North Bend split board binding manufacturer was an extraordinary client: willing to reconsider previous assumptions, realize the potential of natural materials, and committed to honoring the grand landscape of the Pacific Northwest. Karakoram’s new showroom, administrative offices, manufacturing facility and warehouse utilizes a heavy timber structure to both realize their high-bay storage requirements and offer a warmth-of-environment benefit to their office and manufacturing spaces. Decisions of programmatic orientation, teamed with the formal gesture of the cantilevered roof, work together to focus both employees and visitors on the extraordinary views of Mount Si, North Bend’s 3,500-foot-high iconic North Cascade peak.

Project Details


North Bend, Washington




13,000 SF