URBANADD ‘ər-bən ad

  1. Single word name derived from the word urban and the acronym for architecture, design and development
  2. Architects and designers who have a passion for the built environment especially through the thoughtful densification of the urban condition
  3. UA is shorthand for URBANADD Architects, as abstracted in our logo


URBANADD’s founders started the firm in 2008, after years of practice with larger firms, to test their entrepreneurial spirits and passion for the built environment. Since that time the firm has assembled a diverse portfolio while continually fostering client and partner relationships. As we grow beyond the founding years, we see each project and client as an opportunity to learn, expand, create and build.


URBANADD’s mission is to provide exemplary design, documentation, and construction guidance to our clients. Our approach to every project is one that simultaneously balances quality, vision, and utility while striving for simple, elegant aesthetics and honest materiality. We listen intently. We believe the best design solutions are born from a specific program on a specific site for a specific client. Design and construction are hard, but conquering these challenges makes us happy, and we want that enthusiasm to flow through us to our clients. Buildings are deeply implicated in the consumption of our limited natural resources. Through elegant design and innovative problem solving, we create buildings that consume less and last longer, providing high energy performance and occupant pride.


URBANADD’s staff brings decades of experience from projects across the globe and at all scales. Our firm size allows us to provide a high level of principal involvement to our clients on every project. Our staff have extensive construction and architectural backgrounds which allows us to offer this unique expertise to our clients through our ability to clearly communicate and collaborate with contractors. We are a continuing firm, beyond the founders, fostering growth and development of our staff while inspiring and mentoring the next generation of professionals into leadership positions.